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  • ​​​You're looking around at all the different spiritual teachings and want to combine them into something that works for you  in daily living.

  • You're curious to know more about  prayer  and  meditation, the many varied ways to practice them, and the most effective way for you.

  • And, you want someone to lay it out for you in a simple, understandable, step-by-step guide, focused for your needs, designed with your busy life in mind.

If only there was someplace where you could find all of those things together, that you could follow at your own pace, and be sure your efforts would yield real results.

After having a "burned to the ground" life experience, more than once, I know what it feels like to be ready for wholesale change and how difficult it can be to make that happen:

Reacting to life events, rather than responding from your core beliefs and values.

Repeating the same behavior, expecting different results, and feeling crazy when you end up back in the same old, same old.

Reading all the self-help books and ending up more confused than ever,unsure of where to start, wanting a road map or travel guide.

Look no further for map or guide.  You're in the right place.

The classes I offer  are an awesome series of video lessons and workbooks for people who want to uncover the hidden beliefsand feelings that keep them stuck in the same old patterns, find a faith that makes their soul sing, and discover daily practices that ensure success.

Imagine if:

  • You rid yourself of the mental blockslimiting beliefs and negativeself talk that have been keeping you stuck.

  • You develop a clear philosophy, faith and way of life that grounds you, uplifts you and feeds your soul.

  • You pave the way for deeper self exploration, learn to creatively envision your future and experience manifesting your heart's desire.

exactly what happens when you dive deep into my classes.

Exploring Your Spirit starts with two free months of lessons designed to introduce you to spiritual principles and practices.  This course is prerecorded videos with workbooks and can be done at your own pace. When you take this course you have access to a Private Facebook page, Spiritual Spelunkers [spelunking = exploring], where you can ask for support, get feedback from me directly, have your questions answered.

Spiritual Exploring will give you a basic overview of:

  • The teaching methods I use and the spiritual practices I recommend.
  • An excellent lesson prepared by a specialist in adult spiritual curriculum with journal prompts, homework questions and suggested activities
  • The method for envisioning success
  • A recorded meditation you can use daily

​Cost of this course: FREE!!!

What makes Spiritual Exploring the standout choice for you?
It is packaged in small, easy-to-digest bits of information -- crucial to a subject as deep and thought provoking as life change.

You move at 
your own pace.  Some lessons may take you a day to complete.  Some a month.  Your motivation, healing and lifestyle sets the timing.

It's tried and tested.  Over 20 years ago I radically changed my life using these principles and practices and they are still upleveling my life today.

I've been teaching this material for nearly 20 years to hundreds of people, and 
I've seen it work time after time after time.  

I've designed these class modules so that you have access to all the information, guidance and homework, without having to make any other investment.

You'll have the opportunity to have counseling and strategy calls at a rate much reduced for Spiritual Spelunkers.

You can get started on a life changing course today. 

Are you Ready?  Should you act right now?  
Only if you're really ready to start
 living at a higher level.  

As soon as you enroll, you'll receive an 
email from me with further instructions, download links and an invitation to join our private facebook group.

After the first class, I knew Jana was the spiritual teacher I'd been looking for.  She talks about deep stuff with reverence and a great sense of humor.  I was able to apply the tools she taught me right away.   Kelly B

I love the way that Jana teaches. She shares so openly that it enouraged me to set aside any shame for my past mistakes, and get busy using them to learn to improve my future.  ​Deborah M


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When Jana says a class will bring about wholesale change, hang on to your hat. In a good way.  She's not kidding.  Mike N