Want to know

when we have new offerings?

Because, raise your hand if your life has gone in a perfectly straight line with no surprise wild goose chases or roadblocks to overcome. I thought so.  Life has a funny way of getting us ready for whatever is to come next.  

I am Queen of the roundabout.  I have learned to trust the process and try and love the lag time between what I want and when/how it shows up.  From my 20+ years of experience teaching, counseling, coaching, speaking and leading, I offer you:


Up to 2 services in one day in a church or other spiritual organization:

$150 (20- 25 minutes)

Keynote at a convention or meeting (20- 60 minutes):

start at $500

Featured speaker at convention or meeting (20-40 minutes):

start at $300.

Retreat/Workshop Facilitator:

I can create a workshop or retreat for your board, team, special focus group or congregation from 3 hours to 4 days, including written, oral and experiential exercises. (Price upon request)

Spiritual Counselor:

As a spiritual counselor, I use the art of compassionate listening and the science of healing prayer to uncover hidden blocks or beliefs or feelings that are getting in the way of you living life to your fullest potential.  We finish the session with affirmative healing prayer.

$60/session (45-60 minutes)

Life Strategist/Coach: 

I use my training from Guiding Mindful Change to help you create strategies and solutions to your business or personal issues.  My belief is that the best answers lie within you, and it is the skilled questioner who can bring that out.

$60/session (45-60 minutes)

​For sessions booked/paid in advance over 3:  $45/session

I'd love to have a conversation with you about my services and how I may help you.  Use the Contact Page to request a free 15-minute discovery call.