What is the cost for monthly classes after the free classes?
Each class is $48/month, payable in advance.

Are there prerequisite classes?

It is my preference that you take the first two free classes first, but you can skip those and move into paid classes right away if you prefer.

What's the time zone for the live calls?
The time zone for all live calls will be  10 am Eastern Time (US)

What happens if I can't make the call?
The calls will be recorded and available for listening at your convenience for 48 hours afterwards.

How Private is a Private Facebook Group?
Only members can see other members and the postings.  There will be clearly stated rules about confidentiality and privacy posted in the group guidelines.

What if I want one-on-one time with you?
Normally, my counseling/strategist rate is $60 per session, typically lasting 45 - 60 minutes.  For members of the Spiritual Exploring Community, that rate is reduced to $45 per session while you are currently enrolled in a class, $50 per session if you have taken a class but are not currently enrolled.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes and No.

Yes:  if you find that my teaching/principles are not right for you, you may ask for a refund for one month's class fees ($48) in the first week of the class.

No:  There is not a refund available after the first week.
And here's why: Spiritual and personal growth often produce intangible rewards, such as joy, life satisfaction, better self esteem.  The measure of these indicators is purely subjective.  

So while my nearly 20 years of experience teaching these principles makes me know unequivocally that properly applied they will change your life experience, I can't guarantee these methods will work for you unless you are actively following the practices and doing the homework on a regular basis.  

As with anything, the level and quality of your participation is in direct correspondence to the satisfaction and outcome you receive.